Dunkin Donuts got nothing on homemade munchkins

by tatouer

Homemade donuts.  I fantasized about them daily for the past month.  It was time to do something about this.

Hello AllRecipes again!

I used the Spice Balls recipe.  Don’t they look delicious from their picture?  I am instantly attracted to all baked goods that have “spice” in the name.  I think that obsession started once I started eating pastries with pumpkin because it’s always “spiced pumpkin latte/muffin/donut/ice cream/bread” right??

I was a little bit hesitant to do this recipe.  I was hoping to find a good baked donut recipe partially to be healthy but mostly to avoid HOT oil.  I’ve seen people fry with oil with no problems…I’ve also heard horror stories about people getting third degree burns over half their bodies because of an oil situation (deep fried turkeys anyone?).  My fiancé has taught me how to safely heat oil.  I trust his tips, but I’m such a klutz.  There’s always a high probability of something getting spilled or knocked over.  I’m normally unwilling to try my luck with hot oil.

That’s normally. The donuts got to me…

The dough for this recipe is extremely simple.  Just mix dry ingredients then add wet.  Heat oil – use a thermometer!  I kept the temperature of the oil a little bit below the recipe temperature.  I don’t know how this would affect other recipes but it worked for these little donuts.

Using two spoons, I made roundish balls and dropped them (close to the oil to avoid splashing) into the vat of death. It was pretty dramatic, like those scenes in movies where there’s always a huge moat of unknown but deadly liquid that the bad guy gets pushed into.  They scream, sink into the bubbling ooze, never to resurface…

Luckily, these little guys popped right back up! All golden brown and happy.


Oil and dough. Yum!

They’re not very round because I found it is actually more difficult to get a nice even fry when it’s too round.  They turned out like spudding potatoes.  It’s ok, I don’t discriminate against oddly shaped fried anything.

A shake in some cinnamon sugar and they were good to go!

Shake shake shake it like a polaroid picture


I didn’t make any changes to the recipe – for fear of angering the oil.  The donut was cakey like munchkins, considerably less sugary than munchkins, and had a nice crispy crust.  When I try this again (the donut cravings will be back), I want to play around with the dough to make it tastier and not need the sugar/cinnamon shake.  Also note, they come out nice and crispy, but with most fried things, the oil seeps in and the food loses its crunch.  It essentially turned into a munchkin the morning after.  =]